Software Development Engineer Intern, Amazon 2023.05-2023.08

• Optimized 20% weekly on-call resources by designing and developing a web application

Built back-end service achieving near-zero computing expense with AWS server-less services

• Designed and implemented React front-end web page to make the service more customer-interactive

• Led system design review sessions to present, discuss, and justify architectural decisions, ensuring alignment with project objectives and stakeholder requirements

• Developed and delivered comprehensive handoff documentation to facilitate future extensibility and maintain- ability of the project, ensuring smooth transitions and long-term project success

• Identified inefficiencies in the existing test plan and initiated a strategic transition to a new, more effective testing service provided by a cross-functional team, to enhance the overall testing efficacy

Full Stack Developer,  RSVP.ai, 2021.05-2021.11

• Cut down product configuration time by 50% by implementing a new-word detection program used by the million- level corpus leading to heightened customer satisfaction with the product

• Designed and maintained a MySQL database, integrating it with new features for instant messaging software which significantly improved user experience and satisfaction

• Developed innovative software leveraging Optical Character Recognition and Natural Language Processing and building a robust SpringBoot application with RESTful services to accelerate the contract assessment process

• Collaborated closely with front-end engineers, enhancing back-end and front-end system integration and fostering a cohesive, cross-disciplinary development environment

Instructional Support Assistant, David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science 2022.05-2022.09

• Achieved a 30% reduction in processing time by automating plagiarism detection processes

• Led weekly tutorials on elementary algorithm design and data abstraction, supplemented by regular office hours

where visual aids and examples were employed to further clarify complex concepts for students

• Provided empathetic mentorship to new hires, fostering a supportive and collaborative work environment

Teaching Assistant, School of Accounting and Finance at University of Waterloo 2021.09-2021.12