Software Development Engineer Intern, Amazon Incoming

Full Stack Developer, RSVP.ai, 2021.05-2021.11

  • Designed and maintained database with MySQL which deals with account management and messages management

  • Built new features for instant message software and improved users’ experience and users’ satisfaction

  • Developed new software to accelerate contract assessment process with Optical Character Recognition and Natural Language Processing knowledge; the framework is SpringBoot with REST

  • Implemented a new-word detection program used in the million-level corpus for experimental purpose

Teaching Assistant, School of Accounting and Finance at University of Waterloo 2021.09-2021.12

  • Assisted instructor to transfer course learning objectives to marking criteria

  • Gave helpful feedback on students’ performance on their financial data analytic assignments

  • Helped students to understand lecture content and succeed in the course

  • Obtained, analyzed and visualized financial data with Python

Instructional Support Assistant, David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science 2022.05-2022.09

  • Delivered weekly tutorials about elementary algorithm design and data abstraction

  • Developed scripts and backend software

  • Participated assessment process